Hail Montezuma! The Hidden Treasures of San Diego State

San Diego State’s Distinguished Professors

This list includes the complete list of SDSU’s distinguished professors, their respective departments, and the title of their Albert W. Johnson address.

2012: Dr. Walter C. Oechel (Biology): “Global Change: Is the World Beyond Repair?”

2011: Dr. John R. Weeks (Geography): "The Power of Pixels: Using GIScience to Understand Global Health"

2010: Dr. James F. Sallis (Psychology): "Research That Drives Change: The Case of Physical Activity"

2009: Dr. John P. Elder (Public Health): "Agents of Change: Improving the Health of a Nation"

2008: Dr. Mark A. Sussman (Biology): "Healing Broken Hearts: The Promise, Pitfalls and Potential of Stem Cells"

2007: Dr. Walter Oechel (Biology): "Global Change: Is the World Beyond Repair?"

2006: Dr. Eugene Olevsky (Mechanical Engineering): "From Nano to Macro: Virtual and Physical Manufacturing of Advanced Powder-based Materials"

2005: Dr. William Tong (Chemistry): "Knocking on Avogadro's Door: Laser Based Fingerprinting Methods"

2004: Dr. Melbourne F. Hovell (Public Health): "The Health Race: Can Public Health Promotion Beat Disease?"

2002: Dr. Edward P. Riley (Psychology): "Mother Boozes-Baby Loses"

1999: Dr. Donna J. Thal (Communicative Disorders): "Late Talking Toddlers: Are They at Risk?"

1997: Dipak K. Gupta (Public Administration): "Collective Madness and Organized Anarchy: Clash of Identities"

1995: Dr. Arthur Getis (Geography): "The Tyranny of Data"

1992: Dr. Joseph W. Ball (Anthropology): "Ancient Maya Civilization Today: A New Understanding of the Maya Past and a New Role for Maya Archaeology Tomorrow"

1991: Dr. E. Percil Stanford (Social Work): "Beyond the Graying of America: Who Cares"

1991: Dr. Catherine Yi-yu Cho Woo (Chinese): "Luster of Jade: Poetry, Painting, and Music"

1990: Drs. James E. Flood and Diane K. Lapp (Teacher Education Reading): "Reading in America: A Progress Report"

1988: Dr. Alvin D. Coox (History): "The Unfought War: Japan 1941-1942"

1988: Dr. Robert M. Kaplan (Psychology): "Quality of Life: Expanding the Objectives of Health Care"

1986: Dr. David Ward-Steinman (Music): "Structural Analogs in Music, Art, and Literature"

1985: Dr. Helen M. Wallace (Public Health): "Role and Health Status of Women in Developing Countries and the U.S."

1984: Dr. Maurice S. Friedman (Religious Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Literature): "Restoring Relational Trust: The Challenge of the Third Millennium"