Hail Montezuma! The Hidden Treasures of San Diego State

Answers to "Where in the University?"

At the end of Hail Montezuma!  The Hidden Treasures of San Diego State, there is a quiz called "Where in the University?".  It challenges the reader to identify the identity of a few obscure places and things on campus.  The answers are here on this website.  The following links also offer some additional information about the particular item in question.  For anyone who needs their effort to be graded, here is the curve.  If you were able to identify 19 or more of the images correctly, you are truly an expert Aztec Warrior.  Getting between 12-18 suggests that you have the ferocity of the normal school's Wampus Cat.  And, failing to name even half of the images (11 and below) reveals that you must have been studying with the original San Diego State burro.

Click on the image to see the answer.

Where 1 Where 2 Where 4
Where 5 Where 7 Where 10
Where 12 Where 13 Where 17
Where 18 Where 23
Where 3 Where 6 Where 8 Where 9
Where 11 Where 14 Where 15 Where 16
Where 19 Where 20 Where 21 Where 22